Friday, 28 March 2014

Talk is Cheap

Today I'll begin
To stop saying
Today I'll begin.
For I know I'll not.

Today I'll begin
To stop wishing
I began yesterday.
For I know I did not.


Tomorrow I’ll begin
To start doing
What I should have done today.
I may, may not.

Tomorrow I’ll begin
To start saying
I began today.
Will I?


Inertia, the Great Barrier.
Great in its Oppression, in its Possession.
Great in its Excuses too
For the status quo.

Hope, the Great Beginning.
If I stop saying
Today I’ll begin
And begin.

Breaking barriers within.
Freedom, the Greatest Love of All.

This post is written for Write Tribe's 100 Words on Saturday Prompt - The Greatest Love of All. 
And because the greatest can encompass everything in it, this post also links itself to the Write Tribe's Wednesday Prompt #10 - Today I'll begin.