Sunday, 24 August 2014

12 Most...

So the folks over at Write Tribe have asked us to write something about "12 most...." These 12 could be anything. Anything, they said.

So, of course my immediate thought was about sharing 12 most favourite old Hindi film songs. But I have so many more than 12. Selecting 12 would have been a difficult thing. And it also occurred to me that occasionally I do keep sharing some of them here on this blog. But the moment I started thinking of this "blog" my mind went to those early days of my blog-writing when all I was doing was writing for myself. This was when not many people knew this blog even existed.

And I started going through some of my old posts. Memories of what was going on in my outer and inner life during the particular time which inspired me to write those posts came flooding. It was a good walk down that lane, with mixed feelings about the various moments and memories.

But this post is not about those memories or moments.

This post is about those old posts. Yes, you guessed it: 12 most un-read posts on this blog. Each of these posts remind me of a special moment, a special thought or feeling or a piece of music that was dominating my mind and/or heart at that time.

Why am I inclined to do a post today about the 12 most un-read posts on this blog? Yes, you guessed it again: because after all those writings about Education and Dharma and Reason and Depression that I have been doing all this month, I wanted to do something simple. Not really simplistic, but simple and easy and fun. That's it! And of course, a few more 'hits' on these old posts wouldn't hurt either.

See if any of these catch your attention. Here we go:

A Thing of Beauty

Charles Eisentstein on "Who Will Collect the Garbage?"

We Pray that it will be Done in Beauty

Simplicity, Sincerity, and Spontaneity

Love Immortalized, in Stone and Song

Inner Truth of a Flower

Of Pots and Religions...with a bit of Santoor and Piano Thrown on the Wheel

Giving Up...Letting Go...How?

A Story of an Inner Dawn

"Song is Divine, but More Divine is Love"

"No Construction without Destruction"

The Whole Seed Within

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