Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Unearthing the Road: A Photo Essay

A new post in the series - When a Picture Leads

(Or in this case, when a dozen pictures lead...)

I was browsing through the old files and pictures on my computer organising and cleaning up, when some particular pictures from a trip to Ellora Caves three years ago caught my attention. 

These pictures started to speak of a little story. A story of discovery. Finding a path, leading to a way, unearthing of a road. Road to another discovery, another search, another seeking. 

All outer journeys are indeed journeys taken on the inside. Or can be. Or should be.

Let these pictures now tell of such an inner journey.

Want to know where to begin? Enter the cave.

Don’t let the passageway be the end. Continue.

Trust that you are protected by higher forces.

If you must pause, pause to take in the grandeur and beauty of the road unearthed by those before you.

Be mindful of others walking their own paths, alone but nearby.

Do not be discouraged by the hurdles on the path to the inner chamber.

If you find a guide, let it be someone who sets you free to chart your own path. 

Be grateful for the little glimpses of beauty and truth along the way.

Keep walking, keep walking.

Value the details, but don't get lost in them.

Feeling a bit lost? Get re-acquainted with the path.

As many times as it takes. Start again.

See your old footprints? Take their help. 

Or make new. Keep walking. 

Photos: Suhas Mehra
(All rights reserved)

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