A-Z, Back to School

Compiled here are all the posts made for A to Z Challenge Blogfest, April 2014.

The theme I have taken up for this challenging blogfest is quite challenging, I think. Putting India Back in Indian Education  - a theme that is personally very meaningful for me at this point in my learning journey. To read all about it, click below at the Theme Reveal post made on March 21, 2014.

A-Z of Indian National Education

And here are the 26 posts, each for a letter of the English Alphabet.

A is for Aim, Aim of Education

B is for Beauty, A Beautiful Education

C is for Chaturvarna - Four temperaments or Four Personality-types

D is for Diversity

E is for Educe, Evoke

F is for First Principle of True Teaching

G is for Gradual, Law of Graduality; Guidance, An Inner Guidance

H is for History, Heritage

I is for India, How to Teach about India

J is for Joy, Joy of Discovery

K is for Knowing, Knowing Oneself

L is for Language

M is for Mind, Mental Education

N is for Near, From Near to Far (Third Principle of True Teaching)

O is for Opportunity, "Opportunity to Develop All that is Best in the Nature"

P is for Personality, Personality of a Teacher

Q is for Questioning

R is for Reason

S is for Stories

T is for Teacher, the Seeker

U is for Unity, Unity in Diversity and the Indian-ness

V is for View, Indian View of Life

W is for Way, Way to Integrate the Spiritual and the Secular in Education

X is for X(Cross), Cross-Cultural Learning, the Indian Way

Y is for Young

Z is for Zero and Infinity

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