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Compiled here are the posts that were either written specifically for some other Websites/E-magazines/Journals and later published on the blog, or appeared first on the blog and were later revised and re-published in other e-zines.

Swarajya (a magazine focusing on Social, Political, Economic and Cultural life of India)

India's Daughter: An Indian Daughter's Opinion

Should You Blame Our Culture?

Indian Classical Music: A Slow and Patient Perfection (a news magazine focusing on politics, society, world affairs and more) 

Perpetually Outraged

Current Events 4: Letter of Concern (Retitled - Letter of Concern)

A Teacher's Work (Retitled - The Art of Questioning - 5)

Bring Back the Joy to School (Retitled - The Art of Questioning - 4)

Do We Really the Board Exams? (Retitled - The Art of Questioning - 3)

Know Thyself, Know Thy History (Revised - The Art of Questioning  - 2)

The Art of Questioning

India on My Mind (Revised - The Idea of India)

Telling It Like It Is (Revised - Like It Is)

Next Future (an e-journal of Sri Aurobindo Society)

Giving up....Letting go...How? (Expanded & Revised - On Attachments)

When a Movie is Not Just a Movie (Expanded & Revised - On Movies, Art and Culture)

Of Tears, Bubbles, Drops, and the Mighty Sea: Reflections on Surrender (Expanded & Revised - Musings on Surrender)

Social Potpourri (a social networking site with a READS corner inviting a variety of articles)

Dharma and Offering

Dharma and Reason

Of Right, Duty, Dharma and the Inner Voice (Retitled - Dharma and The Inner Voice)

Work and Spirituality 

Writer's E-zine (a literary e-magazine with an aim to promote new authors)

When Beauty Disappeared....Partition Memories, Family Narratives (Revised: Remembering Partition)

Home Revisited, Twice in a Month

Morsels and Juices (Series on Lessons from the Garden)

Cut Them Down

Two Memories, Two Lessons on Light

Verb in the Garden (Expanded & Revised: What is a Verb Doing in the Garden?)

The Color Purple (Revised: Lessons from the Garden: Lavender Delicacy)

A Fragrant Lesson in Patience (Revised: Lessons from the Garden: Parijat and My Training in Patience)

Eliminating or Harmonizing? (Revised: Lessons from the Garden: To Eliminate or to Harmonize?)

Tamarind Rice (a literary e-magazine)

Art and Society

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