Fictional Jottings

I primarily write non-fiction. But once in a while when some fiction or fiction-type bug catches me some fictional jottings do come out of these fingers on the keyboard. In many cases, these fictional accounts have actually emerged from within the very real stories. Stories out there, or in here.

Here is a list for you to browse through:

Current Events 6: 'Ghar Wapsi', the Homecoming

The New Age Guru Who Wasn't

Current Events 5: Hope in the Times of Violence

Current Events 3: Silenced Voices

The Pursuit of Happiness

Standing Tall....

Knowing by Grace

Current Events 2: Seeing Anew

Current Events

Daughters as Mothers

Rains and Pains

Blank Pages, No More

From Those Other Worlds

Village Temple

Designing Mom

The Remains of the Moment

A Family Teatime Tradition

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