Friday, 23 January 2015

Me and Me Too

A new post in the series Reminders to self

ME1: "Writing for writing's sake, sorry not my cup of tea, I mean, why should I write just because....? 

ME2: "Hmm..."

ME1: "I mean, I write when I feel I must express something outwardly, when an experience or thought has become so deeply internalized that I begin to feel that I must write it out to make it more real, to make it more living, in another know what I mean...I must write only when I have something to say."

ME2: "So is there anything you want to say today?"

ME1: "Well...."

ME2: "Then shut up and abandon the pretence, just be."


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Written for Wordy Wednesday at Blog-a-rhythm, Prompt: What is that I really want to say?
Linking up with Five Sentence Fiction: Prompt: Abandon


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