Sunday, 27 October 2013

Do Not Imitate

A new post in the series - Satyam Shivam Sundaram

A series featuring inspiring words from various sources, words that speak of  timeless truths, words that remind me of the deeper and hidden truth behind surface events and phenomena, words that shine light when all seems dark, words that are just what I need - 
for this moment and for all times to come.

There are times when all you need to do is stop trying. Stop trying to know, understand, explain, decipher, imagine, make sense of, struggle. You don't need to. 

These are times when you just need to be ready. Ready to be in the mystery, the unknown. Ready to be present, to receive when the mystery unravels itself, when the known reveals itself.

Those are the times when you actually experience. Experience Art, Beauty, Knowledge.
Those are the times when you stop copying and start seeing. Really seeing the unseen. 

Photo by Nandini Valli

"Photography is an art when the photographer is an artist."

"The greatness of Indian art is the greatness of all
Indian thought and achievement. It lies in the recognition
of the persistent within the transient, of the domination of
matter by spirit, the subordination of the insistent appearances
of Prakriti to the inner reality which, in a thousand ways, the
Mighty Mother veils even while she suggests.
Imitation is the key-word of creation, according to
Aristotle; Shakespeare advises the artist to hold up the mirror
to Nature; and the Greek scientist and the English poet reflect
accurately the mind of Europe.
But the Indian artist has been taught by his philosophy and
the spiritual discipline of his forefathers that the imagination is
only a channel and an instrument of some source of knowledge
and inspiration that is greater and higher..."
~ Sri Aurobindo

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