Thursday, 31 October 2013

Light an Incense

Deepavali spirit continues...with the series, Reminders to self

Concentrate on a newly lit incense stick. It becomes deeply fascinating and delightful to notice that amidst the initial wanderings of what could be called its “visible fragrance”, there soon emerges a purposeful voyage for its light and fragrance. What is it that this humble burning incense trying to tell us? To focus, concentrate and aim high, to constantly aspire for the highest.

Even when the “visible fragrance” disperses itself the movement seems purposeful, conscious and fully self-aware that it will soon find its upward-bound direction. And even in its dispersal the incense is spreading fragrance, purifying every nook and corner of the space – inner and outer.

Why is it so difficult to sustain a consciousness that is gathered and focused like the fragrant incense that is always aspiring upward? Why do the mind and heart keep wavering, and in all possible directions without a centering focus? Why do innumerable thoughts keep flooding the surface mind? How to stop this wandering?

Diwali at my home, 2012

Light the Inner Incense, the incense stick seems to say. Let those wanderings help uncover and reveal all that is dark, all that needs to be purified. Remember that only in the slow burning of the outer form the inner true purpose is lived out, the humble stick shows by example. Let the gradual unveiling of the outer layers help uncover and reveal the real reason for existence - to aspire toward Light, to spread Sweet Fragrance all around.

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