Friday, 10 January 2014

In Praise of Anjaniputra

"...when one speaks of Hanuman, this represents the evolutionary man, and Rama is the involutionary being, the one who comes from above...The evolutionary being is the one that’s the continuation of the animals, and the other is a being from higher worlds who, when the earth was formed, materialised itself upon earth—it does not come from below, it has come from above. But in the evolutionary being there is that central light which is the origin of the psychic being, which will develop into the psychic being, and when the psychic being is fully formed, there is a moment when it can unite with a being from above which can incarnate in it. So this being from above which descends into a psychic being is an involutionary being..."
~ The Mother, Collected Works, Vol. 5, pp. 323-324

For a few weeks now, I have been feeling a special pull toward Lord Hanuman. I can guess a few reasons for this but those would only be mental guesses, not really the truer, inner, deeper reasons. Or perhaps it could be something as simple as the fact that my father, a life-long devotee of Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman, is staying with me these days. Whatever might be the reason, certainly the darshan of the magnificent 36-feet-tall diety at the Panchamukha Anjaneya Temple, where the Lord presides in all His Glory, Grandeur and Humility, happened at the right time for me when we visited there on New Year's eve.

This blog entry today is my humble offering and prayer to the Lord of Courage and Devotion, Strength and Surrender, the one who represents the power of spiritual discipline, sadhana shakti, the evolutionary being who through complete devotion, selfless service and absolute surrender to the Divine raises himself to the stature of gods.

A prayer that takes hold of my mind and heart today finds its expression in the form below:


O Supreme Servitor to the Divine Supreme,
Thy Grace is what the heart seeks today.
Lord of Quiet Strength, Absolute Fearlessness,
Have mercy, the mind seems to be losing its way.

Things precious were snatched by an unnamed stranger
Under the dark anonymous cover of that fated night.
Not sad about the loss material, pained by the violation
This weak mind needs your blessing, a drop of Your Might.

The thought of mistrust and the fearsome fear of the unknown
These hurt more really, and the inner loss is such.
A prayer for Fearlessness is my lasting refuge,
For outer means can help but really not much.

On the outer wall of the outer house a column awaits
To become the abode of the Mighty Vayuputra.
Meanwhile, in the home within, the temple awaits
Its purification by the sound of His Divine Mantra.


Singer: Pandit Jasraj

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